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L.A. socialite and entrepreneur, Lindsay Faulk, has always been a creative person with dreams of owning her own business.  Originally from Indiana, Lindsay is an artist by trade, always transforming things to showcase their best attributes. Her creativity stems from a background in home & interior design having over 5 years of experience working on celebrity and high profile homes alongside Alicia La Mar. Lindsay then attended the Bellus Academy of San Diego for Aesthetics so that she could specialize in providing top quality skincare, beauty products and services to others. The lingering passion to create her own beauty and makeup line eventually led Lindsay to create Glam Boutique Spa. Through Glam Boutique Spa, Lindsay wanted to create a luxurious space for women to hang with their girlfriends and get quick services like spray tans, facials, lashes, waxing, and more while being able to shop some of the industry’s best face and body products.


Lindsay is a mother of four beautiful daughters, two of which have gone through hormonal teen acne, and she thought about them when the idea of Glam Boutique Spa came to her.  It was important to her that she make a place for young women to feel comfortable and welcomed while being able to enjoy some of the best skin care treatments available in the industry.  Lindsay’s philosophy in skincare and beauty is that true beauty comes from within, and the purpose of Glam Boutique Spa is to celebrate that beauty with other like-minded women.  Lindsay has gathered her “Glam Fam” team of beauty and skincare pros to provide quality services to their clients.  Lindsay’s mottos is, “Be a beautiful person from the inside out and if the world still has something to say, then be Too Glam to Give a Damn!”

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